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Interop - Las Vegas May 8-12 2011

InteropInterop Las Vegas is a busy conference with hundreds of companies displaying their products and services. Telecom Leasing will be there to learn about the full range of business technology issues, attend full-day Workshops to dive deep into key IT topics. All part of the companies commitment to leveraging the latest technology to provide value to our customers.

MVP Inc. - Feed the Homeless April 23 2011

The foundation of this organization has very humble beginnings. A father feeling extremely fortunate for all his blessing decided to go spend his birthday feeding the homeless. The following year his son joined him and they spent his birthday together driving from location to location stopping to feed the homeless. This slowly turned into a monthly event for them and as friends and family continued to join MVP Inc. was formed.

Feeding HomlessAs part of a first step initiative aimed at improving the lives and health of individuals and communities across Los Angeles. They are reaching out to companies around the Los Angeles area and Telecom Leasing is proud to be able to donate not only financial resource but our time to this foundation. The entire company joining friends and family to take warm meals to the homeless throughout the Los Angeles area.

Feed the HomlessAs they reach more and more of the homeless community it is apparent that this problem cannot be solved by one charity. They continue to express their desire to work with other charitable origination in community so they can expand the reach of their small foundation.