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Every piece of pre-owned networking equipment sold is fully-guaranteed and comes with a standard 90 day warranty. Only retail, end-user clients are eligible for the one-year standard warranty. Advanced replacement of defective equipment is included, often with next-day delivery based on equipment availability Telecom Leasing warranties and returns are subject to acceptance of, and compliance with, Telecom Leasing policies and procedures as described below.



Telecom Leasing will replace all non-working/defective ("defective") product overnight (on a best-efforts basis) provided that the following conditions are met:

  • Client follows the requisite procedures described above in "Procedures: Returns of Working Product".
  • RMA is approved within 90 days from the original date of purchase, or within extended warranty period if applicable.
  • Client returns product in the condition in which it was delivered (all product received otherwise will not be accepted).

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please note the following policies:

  • Defective product must be returned to / received by Telecom Leasing within 14 calendar days upon receipt of a replacement product, or it will not be accepted by Telecom Leasing.
  • If defective product is not returned to / received by Telecom Leasing within 14 calendar days, the client will be charged the full purchase price of both the defective product and the replacement product.
  • Client will be issued a refund at the sole discretion of Telecom Leasing if an item cannot be replaced in a timely manner.


List of Guides to Follow

  • If your (the client's) product appears to be defective or is not functioning properly, please contact our Customer Service Department at rma@telecomleasing.com
  • If Telecom Leasing approves the return of a non-working/defective ("defective") product, you must re-package the defective product such that Telecom Leasing receives it in the same condition in which it was originally delivered. Defective product must be returned within 14 calendar days of replacement.
  • The RMA form must be included with your shipment and/or RMA number must be noted on the shipping label.
  • In most cases, Telecom Leasing will accept responsibility for the cost of freight.
  • In the event Telecom Leasing cannot replace your product in a timely fashion, Telecom Leasing will issue a refund.